Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Color Reflection

My color composition assignment color was green. I took pictures of nature but i didnt want all my pictures to be of grass or trees so i went down town Noblesville and went in different stores to find green objects. I used the rules of composition in this assignment by getting better angles on my pictures and not centering. I also got close up views of objects. I used close and far, dont center and get close in my pictures. i didnt really have one subject matter i just found green things and took pictures of them. I also didnt show my own voice too much during the assignment. I guess this assignment made me view my world dofferently by me realizing how much we don't appreciate all the pretty colors around us. My weaknesses in this assignment were probably just finding one subject matter and sticking to jyst that because besides the color my pictures were pretty random. My strength was finding different shades of the color green and using variety for the color.

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