Monday, November 30, 2015

ISO shoot reflection

For the ISO shoot i took pictures of anything in the light. Some of my pictures are of my siblings and some are just of random objects. If the pictures are of my siblings I set up the scene by having them play outside or pose, otherwise the scene was already set. I used depth of field and other rules of composition such as don't center. My strength was the indoor lighting pictures and i struggled on some of the night time pictures just because it was hard to get the ISO level just right.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Shutter Speed and Motion Reflection

For this assignment I took pictures of my siblings mostly. We went on a hike and I took my camera with me. In the picture above we were just outside our house at night. For other pictures i took pictures at my brothers basketball game. In the hiking pictures the scene was already set and i just took pictures of my siblings doing activities. In the dark pictures I gave my sisters my phones and turned on the flash lights while they made shapes. I didn't center through out all my pictures and I avoided distractions. I also used depth of field. I choose my siblings because they are always being active and willing to help me with photography assignments. My strengths where the blur and freeze pictures. My weakness was definitely panning. I would have made time to put in more subject matter.